Track Maps and Information

Watkins Glen International

Legendary Watkins Glen International, home to racing from IMSA, to NASCAR, and even former host of Formula 1. Nestled in Upstate New York’s Finger-Lakes region this track’s elevation changes are rivaled only with it’s breathtaking views. Famous (or infamous?) for it’s baby-blue walls lining the track, Watkins glen is as full of excitement as it is history.

Track specific rules – No on-track participants under 18 years old

Typical Load in times – 6pm Thursday evening. 

Gate info – Gate 2 for regular entry. Up the hill gate 4a has parking for early arrivals to wait.

Local Lodging – Seneca Lodge for the most “history”. “Falls Motel” is another popular spot

Favorite Local Food – South Franklin Street downtown has plenty of great establishments. The Restaurant (and Bar) at Seneca Lodge is another favorite. 

Fuel on site – Yes

Closest off-site gas Station – Stations on S-Franklin St, in Watkins Glen. 

Things you can’t miss in town – The Gorge Trail, The Wineries on both shores of Seneca Lake. Downtown Watkins Glen really embraces the racing culture of the town, look for things like murals and checkerboard painted crosswalks.

Sound Issues – No sound caps or restrictions

Extra Info – Watkins Glen has some extraordinary elevation changes throughout the track, check out the elevation map above!

Lime Rock Park

One of the United States’ oldest and most famous racetracks, Lime Rock park has been operating since 1957. Home to countless incredible races over the years, at 1.5 mile long, the “Bullring” is the shortest track we visit and offers nonstop excitement. Lime Rock Park has 7 turns, but you’ll hear them referred to by their names more than any other track.

Track specific rules – No running on Sundays (Connecticut state rule)

Typical Load in times – 5pm Thursday afternoon

Gate info – Entrance off White Hollow Road

Local Lodging – Iron Masters-Inn Lakeville, CT. Sharon Country Inn Sharon, CT. Local AirBnB’s are also popular.

Favorite Local Food – The Boathouse, Woodland, Mizza’s, Black Rabbit – Lakeville, CT Don’t miss Tater Tots for breakfast from the concession stand too!

Fuel on Site – Yes

Closest Gas Station – Exxon in Lakeville, CT

Sound Issues – 86db maximum standard. On “No sound” events, track is “loud as of 10am Friday.

Extra Info – Track opens for walking after car activity ceases for the day.

Several local Parkways restrict any trailers, plan your drive accordingly.

New Jersey Motorsports Park

A Modern Gem, New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP, for short) opened in 2008 and has quickly captured the hearts of many racers across the country. The sprawling facility has not one, but two full-size race tracks (as well as a karting facility for good measure), and all of the amenities from a Racer’s dream (Hotel rooms, private garages, dining, even a pool).

Track specific rules – Any Race harnesses must not be expired (including HPDE) 

Typical Load in times – 7pm Thursday evening

Gate info – Main Gate off Dividing Creek Road

Local Lodging – Fairfield Inn & Suites, Millville

Favorite Local Food – Verna’s Flightline Diner, My Neighborhood Deli, Restaurants on N High St.

Fuel on Site – Yes, pumps in the Lightning & Thunderbolt paddocks.

Closest Gas Station – There are plenty in Downtown Millville.  

Things you can’t miss in town – Glasstown Brewery, Atlantic City or Philadelphia (For those traveling from far out of town)

Sound Issues – No Loud vehicles before 8:30am, but unrestricted until 8pm

Extra Info – There is a Go Kart track in Lightning Paddock, with rental karts and lights for night racing. Showers are in the Officer’s Club in the Thunderbolt Paddock as well as the Finish Line Pub/Office.

*Both Hybrid Electric and Fully Electric Vehicles are currently NOT allowed on track at NJMP.

Pocono Raceway

“The Tricky Triangle” is one of NASCAR’s most famous and unique tracks, but Pocono Raceway also boasts an endless combination of possible road-course configurations by utilizing a maze of paved infield space. The unique blend of banked NASCAR corners and infield sections make Pocono a must-drive track, with all the unique combinations keeping you coming back for more.

Load in times – Current Pocono events are 1 day, so entry is the morning-of.

Gate info – Entrance via Gate 1

Local Lodging – Best Western Blakeslee, PA or The Village at Pocono, Blakeslee

Favorite Local Food – Murphy’s Loft, Lake Harmony Restaurants

Fuel on Site – There are pumps, but they are not always functional.

Closest Gas Station – Stations near Rt80 in Blakeslee.

Things you can’t miss in town – Plenty of resorts and activities in the Pocono Mountains.

Sound Issues – None

Extra Info – There are MANY possible Pocono configurations, we typically run North, South, or South-East (Check the maps above for the most frequently run options)

NASA Northeast’s own, Instructor Kevin Feller has been putting together some fantastic guides to help get new drivers acclimated to tracks in the Northeast:

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