Time Trial & Race Car Regional Numbers

Thank you for inquiring about a regional number for competition. With the large number of people involved in racing in the Northeast we have developed a system whereby if you plan to run with us more than on a single race weekend in a given year, you will need to register a permanent number for your car. The advantage of this is that you can retain your number throughout your racing career in NASA Northeast from Time Trials up to racing and across any classes you race in our region. We understand how attached racers become to their numbers so once you pick a number you will be grandfathered from year to year as long as you have one competition session a year with that number. If you don’t get out for a season, you may opt to re-new your unused number after the last race by filling out the form again and re-requesting your number, but no need to re-request if you have competed with it during the previous season.

The other advantage of having no duplicate numbers across TT and all Race Classes is that there will be no confusion on penalties or off-track issues where flaggers or officials call in a number and then we have several cars that match the description. The single number system means your number is your identifier.

The system also does not recognize any leading zeros so “1”, “01”, “001”, etc are all seen in the system as “1”.

Please check our Reserved Number List to see if your number is available. This list is updated periodically and you can look in the lower right corner for the last publish date.

Once you have found an available number please request it through our regional Car Number Request Form and allow 1-2 weeks during the season to process, off season usually about 2-3 weeks.

Any Timing & Scoring and Car Number questions can be directed to the MTorricelli@NASANE.com