“Racing is an entirely different beast and requires a bit more strategy and tactics than TT. However, I have stopped short of prepping my own car for racing for a few reasons. Racing is a significant jump in time and money as well as being harder on the car itself. On a typical TT weekend, I may only run two sessions of 2-3 laps on each day. I am running the car full out during these laps and I just think it’s tough to ask the car to do this for 2-3 20-plus minute race stints per weekend. I know others do, but if I were to race this car, I would certainly dial it back a bit for long-term reliability. Also, the cost of racing is much higher in my estimation because you’re going through a lot more consumables and hitting maintenance milestones much sooner than in TT. That being said, I just love to compete and TT is a very cost effective way to scratch that itch.”